Charles Lea Center

Employee Testimonials

Love Where You Work!

When you join the Charles Lea Center team you’re doing more than getting job, you’re gaining a family. When you work as closely together as we do, it’s hard not to form a true camaraderie with your fellow co-workers, along with the people with whom you are providing services.
Read what a few of our current employees have to say.

Administrative Staff7 years of service
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Don't be afraid to work here because you think you can't work with people with disabilities. I had never worked with anyone with a disability when I started but a friend told me how much she liked it so I thought I would give it a try. I love it! If you like people you''ll fit right in here.
Focus Day Services Staff3 years of service
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It's the sweet people who we provide services to that keeps me coming back everyday. Sure, I could make as much money somewhere else but can you say you make a real difference in someone's life working somewhere else?
WorkAbility Staff1 year of service
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I had never worked anywhere that is as hard and as rewarding as it is here. I knew nothing about working with people with disabilities I when I started but that was fine. You will go through plenty of training, plus there is ongoing training. And you'll find that it's like any other job ... people are people.
Residential Staff10 years of service
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If you like helping people, you'll fit in fine, regardless of your age or experience. Everyday you are doing something to make someone else's life better. When I started I really didn't plan on staying this long. I just needed a job. But now I can't imagine working any other place.