Charles Lea Center


At the Charles Lea Center, we’ve found that by incorporating technology into all of our programs, it greatly improves the quality of life of the men and women who receive services. Each program has implemented what works best for their goals and depending on the person’s skill level, and desire, customized supports are designed.

Our team first talks to those served to find out what’s important to them … what they need to make life easier. Sometimes the need is low tech, such as eating utensils that stabilize hand tremors or using a voice assistant to turn on lights, or make phone calls. An example (but not all) of services provided include:

Individuals in our Focus of Day Program have access to a computer lab, conveniently located in their program area. The software, as well as the computers have been adapted to the needs of those receiving services.

In addition, individuals use iPods and iPads to learn new skills and much like many of us, to browse the web, watch videos and listen to music. We love to see the playlists they make!

WorkAbility has incorporated iPads so individuals can work more indepedently.  Tasks and job instructions are  downloaded onto the iPad and those served can then use it to reference their work. The use of iPads gives the person a greater sense of independence. In addition, WorkAbility has a computer lab where those served can practice (or learn) to type and use a computer.

The men and women in our Customized Career Network program use computer and laptops to learn new skills. They use these devices to research and apply for employment.