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At the Charles Lea Center you really can make a difference! We are always looking for caring, passionate and dependable men and women.

Positions start at $14.06 an hour and the Charles Lea Center is proud to offer medical, dental, life and vision insurance as well as paid training, retirement plan contributions and paid time off. In addition, the CLC has an onsite health and wellness clinic which is free to staff.

Advantages & Benefits

The Charles Lea Center offers a competitive compensation package to all employees that include:

Direct Support Professionals (DSP) wages are as follows:

Monday through Friday / Hours Vary by Location

1st Shift  $14.06 hourly PLUS a $500 Sign on Bonus

2nd Shift $14.06 hourly PLUS a $750 Sign on Bonus

3rd Shift $15.06 hourly PLUS a $1000 Sign on Bonus

Saturday and Sunday

1st Shift (8:00am – 8:00pm) $15.06 hourly PLUS a $1000 Sign on Bonus

2nd Shift (8:00pm – 8:00am) $16.06 hourly PLUS a $1000 Sign on Bonus

Applications are taken from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., on Monday though Friday at the Charles Lea Center, which is located at 195 Burdette Street, Spartanburg, SC 29307.  You can apply online anytime, just click on the image to the right to view a list of all job openings and to apply. And, be sure and watch our video to learn more about why you should join our team!

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Love Where You Work!

When you join the Charles Lea Center team you’re doing more than getting job, you’re gaining a family. When you work as closely together as we do, it’s hard not to form a true camaraderie with your fellow co-workers, along with the people with whom you are providing services.
Read what a few of our current employees have to say.

Administrative Staff7 years of service
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Don't be afraid to work here because you think you can't work with people with disabilities. I had never worked with anyone with a disability when I started but a friend told me how much she liked it so I thought I would give it a try. I love it! If you like people you''ll fit right in here.
Focus Day Services Staff3 years of service
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It's the sweet people who we provide services to that keeps me coming back everyday. Sure, I could make as much money somewhere else but can you say you make a real difference in someone's life working somewhere else?
WorkAbility Staff1 year of service
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I had never worked anywhere that is as hard and as rewarding as it is here. I knew nothing about working with people with disabilities I when I started but that was fine. You will go through plenty of training, plus there is ongoing training. And you'll find that it's like any other job ... people are people.
Residential Staff10 years of service
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If you like helping people, you'll fit in fine, regardless of your age or experience. Everyday you are doing something to make someone else's life better. When I started I really didn't plan on staying this long. I just needed a job. But now I can't imagine working any other place.
Person Centered Planner10 years
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I was hired at The Charles Lea Center on September 4, 2012, as a Direct Support Professional for our Landrum CRCF home-providing direct care to the people who lived in the home. Currently, I work as the Lead Person-Centered Planner, where I help advocate for the people we provide services for, and provide support to the other Person-Centered Planners and other departments as needed. My experience at The Charles Lea Center has been immensely positive. I am surrounded by people who are invested in my personal and professional growth, from my peers and Supervisor, all the way to the C.E.O. Working at The Charles Lea Center has also inspired me to earn a second degree from Converse University in Music Therapy, which I hope to use to further assist people in this population. Working at The Charles Lea Center is more than just a job for me. I am very passionate about the work we do here, and I feel very fortunate to be a part of this team.
Supportive Housing Administration34 years
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I came to Spartanburg Community Residence as a “temp” to help with extra work that the secretary there couldn’t manage alone. It was 1988 and in those days, we were called Unit Secretaries and had no computers, using carbon paper on typewriters to type 5 copies of DHEC Plans of Correction.  There were only 5 ICFs at that time and no CTHs. The Spartanburg Community Residence was an ICF that sat behind Buffington.  The others were Ferguson I/II, Benchmark-Cowpens, Benchmark-Spartanburg, and Landrum I/II. After leaving the office (known as the shack) at SCR, I started working at BMC, where I stayed for about the next 13 years.  It was at that time that the CTH IIs began opening around Spartanburg and my office, along with the QMRP’s, and the nurse’s office moved to an office in the Skyview home and then to one in the Huntley home. At one point, all Residential office personnel re-located to an office space at Hillcrest.  We were all in one very large room with Directors, QMRP’s, 5 secretaries, the Behavioral Services department and Nursing.  After that, we moved to the main campus and I was the only remaining secretary for Residential Services.  There have been many changes since I’ve been at The Charles Lea Center.  I’ve learned a lot, met some very caring people who have worked with residents for years and who I’ve been fortunate to get to know.  Because the Center was much smaller when I first came, there was a kind of “family atmosphere” and lots of fun.  Part of that was probably due to being much younger then also. LOL  I am thankful for my years at Charles Lea.  Getting to learn about people with disabilities and befriend many of them has been eye-opening and rewarding.
Supportive Housing38 years
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Who knew when I applied for a job at Charles Les Center in 1984 that I would be stepping into my career calling? I just needed employment when I moved to Spartanburg but quickly realized that I could make a difference by advocating for and supporting people with disabilities to have the same opportunities that other people have. I have moved up through the ranks at CLC, starting as an In-building Programmer writing training objectives for people we support. I have had the chance to move to other Supportive Living positions within CLC and to assist with developing and launching new program initiatives. I am currently the Senior Director for Supportive Living which gives me a wonderful opportunity to impact services and supports for people. What a blessing this career has been for me.